Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TLC for your Hair: Hask Placenta No rinse

Product Review: Hask Placenta No rinse Hair Repair Treatment
Rating: ★ 4 out of 4
If you ever seen this product while roaming through the isles in Wal-Mart and wondered if it really worked, well then rest assured , it does!
So how does it work?
Like many other leave-in hair treatments, you apply it right after shampooing your hair. What I regularly do is right after I've towel dried my hair, I pour half of the product into my hair ( half because I don't have much hair) and massage thoroughly.
Don't worry, it smells great and it does leave your hair soft. I would recommend applying Argan Oil right after the Hask Placenta treatment. You'll noticed the results as your hair air dries!

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